Warehouse & factory equipment

Warehouse & factory equipment

To make the best possible use of the available space, intelligent concepts are required that guarantee not only functionality but also safety.


Whether it be planning workshop installations or extensive shelf systems, our needs-orientated concepts enable you not only to safeguard your flow of materials, but to also cut your costs.

We offer you an extensive and impressive portfolio of products from renowned manufacturers, coupled with professional advice on individual requirements.

Advice & planning

Of course, it is important that your working environment is coordinated precisely with your complex industrial processes. Complex and customised requirements or special sets of problems require customised and effective solutions. We would be happy to assist you with your projects, whatever they may involve. Talk to us.

We use modern software and take account of applicable laws and regulations to create our plans.

Our portfolio

Transport, transport containers, environmental protection, factory equipment, climbing equipment, cleaning, industrial safety, shipping, outdoor installations, office equipment

Our service

Shelf checking and shelf  inspections - mandatory testing for your warehouse facilities

Warehouse operators are responsible for the safe condition of their materials (including shelves) and the safety of their staff. In other words, regulations on industrial safety at work and factory equipment must be complied with.

Ladder checking

Ladders, steps, small and mobile towers

The factory equipment directive (BetrSichV), TRBS, accident prevention regulations and instruction manuals BGI 694 and BGI 663 require employers to ensure that ladders and steps, small and mobile towers, are checked on a regular basis to ensure they are in a safe-to-use condition.


Implementation from A to Z

Our trained installation teams support you in your construction projects, if requested.


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